Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deck - Deck is Done!

Thursday, September 11

In the morning I finished off installing the last 2 boards I could on the Level 2 (Left) Deck. The last board my Dad had to go home and rip in half on his table saw.

I started on the Level 2 (right) after that. Tim helped me finish off the rest of the deck up to the point that we needed the last board. Since the level 2 decks were the same sized we needed the same size for the last board..... which happened to be an exact half a board.

My Uncle Andrew came over and helped Dad cut the boards for the Level 3 deck, while I was underneath the deck screwing in the last boards on the level 2 decks. After I was done with that, my Mom and I started the decking on the level 3 Deck. After my Mom had taken a break, my Dad took over for her and helped me with the rest of the boards.

My Dad and I actually wiggled ourselves underneath to screw in the last 2 boards. There wasn't any play room, as my nose was an inch away from the joist. Unfortunately the last board my Dad had to rip smaller and go home to do. My Mom stayed with me as I stayed underneath.... cause if I came out, there's no way I'd go back under there after seeing the spider I had.... eeeee.

Tim came home at about the same time my Dad got back. He was surprised to find that we were almost done... and even more so to find that his wife was under the deck at 10pm. It was a relief to screw in that last screw and get the heck out from underneath the deck, where I had been for the last half hour.

It felt so good to have the decking done. Well... for now.... to be continued next year when we build benches and planters :)

From Deck

From Deck

From Deck

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