Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Deck - Benches (Posts)

Tuesday, August 4

My parents as well as my bother, Brian, came over to help with the posts, for the deck benches, today. We cut all the post and put them inplace. Some of them were being lag screwed right to the joists and the others were just screwed from the bottom.

Brain and I had gone under the deck to screw the posts to the decking. I didn't mind going under there except for seeing a really ugly spider at one point.

We had put some decking boards on top of them to make sure the height was good. I read that the typical height is between 16" to 18" for benches. I designed them to be 16 as I wanted it a nice relaxing height and I have to admit it's also partially due to me being only 5'2". It's actually the same height as some benches Tim's parents gave us as well, so I figured it's probably pretty good.

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