Monday, August 03, 2009

Deck - Benches (Post Holes)

Monday, August 3

I had taken the week off to work on the deck benches. This was the first week in I don't know how long that it's decent weather and not suppose to ran.... that much anyways.

I wanted to draw lines on the deck for where the posts were going to go. I found out something interesting about Trex boards.... you can't write on them with caulk. It stick to it. Tim had a great idea.... he gave me washable markers, which worked great!

So I drew the holes for the posts. My Mom came over and we tackled cutting decking for the main post supports in the main deck first. I hated to cut the decking.... it was like cutting the siding on our house for the ledger. Oh well.

I managed to lag screw in the first post to end the day with. It's funny how so much prep work goes into something and it doesn't even look like you've done much :)

The main deck will have 2 benches and will be open at the point to go down to the lower levels. The 2nd right level will have 2 benches with 3 planters. And the 3rd level will have a planter.

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