Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Deck - Benches (Frame)

Wednesday, August 5

The benches really started to take shape today when we constructed the frame for left main level bench. My Dad ripped the 2x6's down to a size that would be hidden by trim . After that Tim and I cut the pieces and started screwing them into place. It was so cool when they started to form the shape and we could get an idea of the feel that they'd give to the deck.

By spending a little extra, I think getting composite board post sleeves really add to the benches. They are a thin sleeve that fits over the posts and gives the illusion that they are solid composite board.

Since the decking is the composite board, I made the joists 12" apart, just to give it a little extra support, opposed to the typical 16". I also gave the corner some extra joists and support as I liked the open feel with no post under it. It's actually very strong and hardly moved when I jumped on top of it.

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