Friday, August 07, 2009

Deck - Benches (2nd bench)

Friday, August 7

We finished the right bench, on the main deck, today. Everyone had a hand at different points today. Tim and my Mom screwed together the framework, while I had gone to get some extra supplies and then my Dad came over later, with my Uncle Andrew and we screwed the decking and trim onto it and finished it off.

I'll tell you, it certainly changed the feeling of the deck to more of a room feeling the second the other bench was finished. They're a nice distance.... not too far away from each other for a conversation and when the table is on the main deck, we don't even need more chairs, the benches curve around the table and someone sitting at the table can easily converse with someone sitting on the bench.

Now that both of the main level benches are completed, we can start constructing the planter boxes for the right 2nd level deck. It will have 3 planters and 2 benches attached to them.

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