Sunday, June 03, 2007

stacked logs - 2nd try

Sunday, June 3

Note to self:
When stacking logs, make sure you don't stack them too wide without supports.... fyi... 12 feet is too wide.

I was stacking some more logs today and noticed that the logs I stacked yesterday didn't seem as straight today and seemed to lean in the center. I stupidly started to straighten them out, when I noticed the whole thing rocking. Yep.... Kris showed off her reflexes, as she drove out of the way, as the whole thing feel over. I felt like Evelyn in the Mummy, when she knocked over the library book shelves.

Our neighbor, who had seen the whole thing, commended me on my reflexes. To which I replied... "yep... I think it's time for lunch now".

After taking out my frustrations on incredibly understanding husband, he so kindly help my re-stack the logs. This time, I decided pounded in supports every 4 feet, so that if any feel again, it would just be a section, and not the whole thing.

Well... this comical day has been a episode of "live and learn".

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