Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flowers - Purchased

Thursday, June 21

As far as designing things, I can do that pretty well, but when it comes to plants and flowers.... I have no freakn' idea what I'm doing. I'll look stuff up in my tree and flower guides, but that doesn't mean anything, until you've succeeded or failed to get the gist of it.

So I bought some flowers today at Lowes for the driveway-side bed... and I have no idea if they will do well in my yard. I don't know if the rabbits or deer will chomp them down, or what parts of my yard are considered part-shade, or if my soil will be good enough. Assembling stones in a nice pattern is one thing, but keeping flowers alive.... well.... umm.

Anyways.... since my front yard is pretty sunny, I tried to find sun loving plants. I bought some dwarf Day Lilies. I've never really been a huge fan of the normal sized ones, but I like the dwarf ones.

I liked the Asiatic Lilies Golden Tycoon LA Hybrid and Manhattan LA Hybrids.

I thought the Balloon flowers and Foxgloves were very interesting and had to get some. I loved the color of the Balloon flower and how the buds look like balloons.

I also picked up some stonecrops for the rock garden in the circle. I completely fell in love with the Stonecrop Sedum Angelina and the succulent Ice Plant, which gets vibrant fuchsia flowers. They do well in rock gardens and I just think they're totally cool looking.

My parents also gave me a chunk of one of their red flower Canna Lilies. They said it can get 4-5 feet, so I'll plant it in line with the other taller plants.

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