Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rubber Mulch - Tree Ring

Wednesday, June 20

Our poor little Red Buds were getting abused by cutting the grass and weed whacking lately. Originally I had wanted the "natural" look, with grass growing around them, but they are too young. Plus, due to the area being fertilized the grass was coming in very thick and making it grow faster than the rest of the lawn.

I wanted something that would make it a bit more maintenance free and give some room to protect them, during mowing, so I bought some PERM-A-MULCH 24" Mulch Mat Tree Rings from Lowes. I bought the red ones to match the brick gravel color. And just like the rubber mulch for the shrubs, these tree rings, made from recycled tires, let the water go right to the roots. I installed them around the Red Buds and the little Japanese Maple.

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