Saturday, February 25, 2006

Staircase - finished poly

Saturday, February 25

I staircase received it's last poly coat today. Ripping off that blue tape was definitely the highlight of the day for me. Now that the painters tape is gone, the stairs have become easy on the eyes for me.

The handrail received probably about 6 or so coats. I really wanted it to be slick and smooth to the touch. The steps on the other hand, I wanted them without slickness, obviously, so I only gave them about 4 coats. It was enough to give them a sheen, but not enough that socks will slip :)

The railing I gave 4 coats to as well. On the can, it states a recommendation of 3, which is what we gave the door frames and baseboards, but, since the stairs will be high-traffic with hands, I wanted it to be smooth.

I also wanted make sure that I gave the landing leaning rail a nice amount of poly as well. I found that we are constantly using the leaning rail. It really makes it very comfortable to lean on something when it's nice to the touch.

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