Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Staircase - sanded, Septic Sand Filter Alarm

Wednesday, February 15

Staircase -
Afterwork, I was able to squeeze in sanding down the 1st coat of poly on the staircase, before watching Lost. My favorite is using those foam sanding blocks and the foam sanding sheets. They are so awesome to use on all the different shapes and angles of the railing.

I love sanding down the 1st coat of poly... it makes it so smooth and nice to the touch..... I think it's being able to run my hand down the newly smooth railing. And I love the fact that we choose the oval handrail, opposed to the traditional mushroom shape. It feels awesomely agronomic.

And I esp love being able to touch the bamboo spindles now and not worry about slivers, which they had a tendency to give, prior to sanding and poly. It looks and feels so awesome so far.

Septic Sand Filter -
So, there Tim and I were last night, having a nice relaxing Valentines evening and we star to hear this ear piercing noise coming from the basement. It turned out that our alarm, for our sand filter was going off. We silence it, but had to wait 'til this morning to call, since it was close to midnight, when we heard it.

As it turned out, apparently, the plug for the sand-filter had a broken contact point issue, due to mud and clay that had worked it's way around it. With the advice of the installer, from , Tim managed to clean off the plug and get it working again, but we're going to have to find a way to protect the plug from that happening again. Hearing an alarm was a very interesting way to end our Valentines Day, but al least it was fixable. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to grab a pic of Tim as a mud ball.... I'm sure it would've made for a great pic for the blog :)

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