Sunday, November 14, 2010

Firepit - Trim (back)

Sunday, November 14

I finished the trim on the back of the firepit bench. I've been debating how to finish off the bottom of the back of the bench and my brother suggested a great idea to just wrap leftover boards around the bottom. Then I can just backfill the area with dirt.

I wanted to finish off the bottom and not have it open for 2 reasons: 1, to be able to store firewood underneath and protect it, 2, to help keep warmth in the are and not have a cool breeze blowing on peoples legs if it's breezy.

It was a bit difficult to bend the boards without really a way to clamp them the way I had in the front. I just kinda clamped them the best I could. One did let go though and whacked me right in the leg. I'm sure I'll have a nice bruise from that one! LOL.

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