Monday, February 27, 2006

Septic issue - new outlet

Monday, February 27

So, after not hearing back from the septic people for over a week, we finally got a call back and that someone would come out and look at it today. We were told that they would change out the outlet, at no charge.

Someone did come and change out the outlet and screw a cover onto it. Tim asked him to put a weather proof cover over it, like the one we have for the exterior house outlets, but the worker stated he didn't have stuff like that with him, which was irritating to find out cause I had expected that he would bring that with him, since that was the job we had asked for.

Here's the kicker though. When the man was out here to fit it, he told us that all this time the pump has been running. There are 2 plugs that need to be plugged in... one for the pump to turn on and one which tells the pump to turn off. In the phone conversation between Denny, from G&K Sewer, and Tim, he forgot to mention this to Tim. As a result, the pump has been running all this time, due to the fact that G&K Sewer never sent a professional to look at it, when we asked, as well as failed to return our phone calls for over a week.

Tim then call them up, after being notified, by the service person about the pump, and left a message stating that due to their crappy service, we'd like a new pump or a signed letter stating that if the pump breaks down, due to this issue, a new one will be installed with no charge.

This whole thing has us so frustrated.... eps Tim, cause he's the one trying to get the call backs from this company. It's frustrating to me because I payed a lot of money for the installation and once the money was taken, poof, they're no where to be found, and calls aren't returned. It's companies like this that give good contractors a bad name.

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