Friday, May 15, 2009

Deck - Japanese Maple 'Shaina'

Friday, May 15

Since we started building the deck, last year, I've been looking for my idea of the perfect Japanese Maple's to go in the future planter boxes. The planter boxes will be had some height & interest to the deck as well as the plants be a privacy screen.

I had already decided that they would be Japanese Maples as deep reds & burgundy seem to go fantastic with the gray tones of the deck and siding. I first thought of getting some baby Japanese Maple Bloodgood trees, like the one in the circle. Unfortunately that tree gets 10-15 feet. I wanted a dwarf that would get no bigger than 5-6 feet.

I looked all over locally and finally found what I was looking for online. The kind I wound up choosing is the Japanese Maple 'Shaina'. It's actually a dwarf of the Bloodgood, developed from a witches broom (deformity in a woody plant resulting in a structure resembling a broom or a bird's nest). So it'll look much like the Bloodgood in the circle and have the same burgundy coloring.

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