Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Backyard - Clearing (Used DR Trimmer)

Tuesday, May 19

While Tim cut the grass, I tried the DR® Trimmer/Mower, that I am borrowing from my Dad. It was awesome!!!!! It cut the brush like butter. I cleared a lot on the right side of the yard. What had taken us an hr to cut by hand, this sucker cut in about 5-10 min.

I also started to use it on the left side of the backyard as well. I had to stop though as I noticed a pile of grown over cinder blocks, that someone had dumped there at some point. Unfortunately that was just where I would've loved to use it due to there being thorny bushes & vines there.

I started to cut them by hand and gave up for the day when I got walloped in the back of the leg, by a thorny vine. Oh man did I scream. Tim said he heard me inside the house.

I'd say the thorny bushes won the battle today.

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