Sunday, May 03, 2009

Backyard - Crabapple placement

Sunday, May 3

Currently, the backyard, and especially sitting on the deck, we have no privacy, from our neighbors to the left. This is a perfect spot to fill up with ornamental trees and shrubs to have something nice to look at, other than our neighbors garage.

I'm always struck by the fantastic colorings of crabapples at this time of year. They're just so vibrant........ and so "spring". In between us and our neighbor will be the perfect spot for the The Crabapple Prairiefire I just bought. Since we won't plant it til we get land fill in the back, I just buried the pot for now. And man.... just that little pop of color changed the entire feeling of that area.

I had done lots of research on crabapples, before buying this one. The Prairiefire seems to be the most disease tolerant of the crabapples and it's one of the smaller ones at 15'-20'w x 15'-20'h. It's a long bloomer, with mahogany colored leaves and produces red fruit that lasts until December.

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