Saturday, April 19, 2008

Landscape - Planted & cleanup

Saturday, April 19

What a wonderful day it turned out to be... it got to almost 90 here. 90... in April!

Anyways... I got a lot accomplished today and it felt great! First, Tim and I had taken a trip to Home Depot to price somethings. And of course, while there, I had to restrain myself. We only purchased 2 things we didn't go there for :)

We really had gone there to price retaining wall blocks for the firepit wall and cider blocks for its base. I got sidetracked before even walking through the garden center gates and looking at the trees.

I'm not liking how our one Redbud, by the road, is looking. When I originally purchased the 2, I had no idea how important pruning is. As a result of no pruning, ours are very bare with not many branches. My thought is to move the front most one, which is the more bare one, and plant a fuller one there. So, after much analyzing which had the best structure I picked one out.

I wasn't done there though..... on our way to the paver area, I got sidetracked again when I noticed a very ornate, Japanese garden style shrub, called a Flowering Quince. The best part is it's deer resistant! It's thorny with vibrant red flowers.

And yes.... we did wind up pricing out retaining wall blocks and base cider blocks :)

When we returned home I planted the Flowering Quince. I also cleaned up the planted beds a bit, ripped out the poor deer ravaged shrubs. In their place I planted Agastache Cana Texas Hummingbird Mint, which has a vibrant fuschia color and more Russian Sage. I actually purchased them months ago from High Country Gardens. It was a pink and blue combo that came with 3 Russian Sage and 3 Agastache.

I also noticed today that the Magnolia also has some buds that are ready to go poof and pop open.

Another thing Tim and I are very excited to see is that one of the Chestnut samplings from his parents tree is doing well. I've never seen a baby Chestnut tree before... it's not what I expected and doesn't resemble a traditional looking baby tree. Tim says that it reminds him of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

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