Saturday, April 26, 2008

Firepit and planting

Saturday, April 26

Today my day was split-up between a few things. In the morning I was staring out the sliding glass door trying to visualeyes the future deck space. I had enough of visualizing and decided to go outside and spay lines where it will go instead to give us a better idea of the space.

The next thing I decided to do to occupy my time today was to work on the firepit. Nothing major... just backfilling the retaining wall blocks with gravel and dirt.

Planted another Redbud...
As I spoke of previously, I wanted to replace the front most Redbud, as it is very gangly. Now I understand pruning... when I bought them 3 yrs ago I didn't. So, we bought a 3rd one to be planted where the frontmost one is. Today we moved the gangly one and planted the nice full new one. We didn't plant the old one too far away, but it just doesn't have the front most spot anymore.

More Planting...
I also planted some purple Iris's, that my parents dug up from their yard and replanted the bulbs of the Canna Lily.

Around the yard...
Everything is starting to really take shape and bloom. The Weeping Cherry, Magnolia and Candymint Crabapple look awesome. The Chestnut and Kwanzan Cherry are looking good. The Redbud Lavender Twist has one little area of buds about to open and the Japanese Maple's leaves are starting to open.

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