Sunday, April 06, 2008

Front Patio Ideas

Sunday, April 6

Since last fall I've been trying to come up with an idea for how to finish off the patio area by the front door. My attribute list included: something that gave privacy but open, match the style of the house, gives a zen feeling, welcoming to guests and makes them feel protection. I had not idea what to do and have been wavering on many ideas.

Then.... finally I found my inspiration. It's a book called Patio Garden & Inspiration by Jamie Durie, with photos by David Matheson. On pages 141-142 was my inspiration.

It's sooo zen to me and was in my mind the most perfect structures I had been looking for to include in front patio. What I loved about it was that it matched our interior style perfectly and has the same structure as our door trim. I want to include this structure in the backyard too, like around the fire pit and maybe by the deck to give privacy. So I sketched out today some views of what it might look like.

I'll probably use more refined materials in the front, like composite board, just to give it more of a crisp, modern, formal feel and use more rustic in the backyard for more casual feel.

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Mommy says: said...

Beautiful Chris. You find the most wonderful ways to make your house your home! I hope I get to see it in person one of these days!!