Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Tool - Root Irrigator

Saturday, September 18

After we planted all those Birch and other trees, I started researching a product I had seen on Gardening by the Yard on HGTV. It's a product made by Hound Dog Products called the "Root Irrigator". It’s basically a tube, that you can connect a hose to, and stick in the ground, so you can deliver water directly to the roots. I noticed that because we built up the soil so much around the trees, the water just runs off....and I don’t think anything even got to the I got this, from Amazon.

I love it so far. I used it right after I planted the Weeping Pine today and a few shrubs. Fyi... turn on the water before pushing it into the ground to prevent clogging, that way the water kinda of drills a hole for you. I thought it worked great, with no run off, and I knew that water was going right where it needed to, which is to the roots.

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