Monday, September 06, 2010

Backyard - Birch Trees (Planted)

Monday, September 6

Around 9 am this morning the door bell rings and it's Russell's Tree Farm, delivering our Birch Trees. They were on a big flat bed, then he moved the trees to our backyard with a lil Toro Dingo Mini Skid Steer. It was really cool watching them being moved and placed near the holes. It was like poof...instant tree boarder.

From Backyard

Ok...well not really poof, cause then we had to plant them. Tim and I realized that the holes we had dug yesterday weren't going to be deep enough for the two 14 foot Clump Heritage River Birches, which were put in the holes. Those bulbs were a lot larger than I We tried to moved it and quickly realized we needed reinforcements, so we called my parents to help moved and plant them.

Those suckers were heavy....if I had to guess 400 lbs. It had taken Tim and my Dad tilting them and me with a 2x4 leveraging it and rolling them out of the holes. We did it though. The trick was to get them back in the holes facing the way we wanted them, cause once they were going in, I don't think we could've got them out They will eventually grow to be about 40-50 feet tall.

We planted the three Jacquemontii/White-barked Himalayan Birches next. Those were lots They were smaller 8-10 or so foot in pots, which will eventually get 25-50 feet tall. These Birches are more upright and slender, whereas the River Birches will have a nice spread.

I purposely wanted the Birches closer together to have more privacy and get back the forest like feel we used to have with the Ash tress. I want to be able to walk in between them later on and maybe add a lil path.

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