Friday, June 05, 2009

Deck - Bench & Trim plans

Friday, June 5

Today I started working on the bench and trim plans for the deck. Since I'm not a numbers person, it's not fun figuring this stuff out. I love designing... I just hate calculating.

The main level will have benches that will go almost all around and will be open at front to be able to step down to the next level. The level lower, on the right, will have benches that will be on 2 sides and have the planters at 3 of the corners that the Japanese 'Shaina' Maples will reside in. The sides will be covered by darker Trex boards as trim, and anything you see from the top will have the same saddle color as the deck.

Lots of planning and measuring :)

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Missy said...

I LOVE your design for the benches with the planters. Do you have measurements for the benches and planters?