Monday, June 22, 2009

Backyard - Privacy

Monday, June 22

The one thing that has been baffling Tim and I, for a couple of yrs now, is the path that keeps getting mowed by our property line on the right. Our driveway is actually the former path to an atv trail behind us. The trail use to meander through our property and the thin strip of land between us and our neighbor on the right. That land is owned by someone on the perpendicular road to us, not our neighbor, according to the tax maps.

When we excavated and built our driveway, I figured that the path would eventually fill in, in time, since it wasn't vacant anymore. One part of the path did... the other someone keeps mowing even though there is no outlet anymore.

It use to be mowed by our older neighbor 2 lots down. Never was sure why as it's not his property. He hasn't been doing it this year and it finally started to grow in. A couple of days ago I had seen someone, not him, mowing near it. In the morning, sure enough, it was mowed and our privacy was gone again.

The other part of the path stopped being mowing when I built and planted the planting bed on the right side of the driveway and was defined as a property line. I thought the barberries I planted, by the other part of the path, next to the Pine tree would do the trick. Apparently they haven't, so yesterday I went out and bought 4 Emerald Green Arborvitae's and planted them on the property line. In time they'll fill in and make a nice privacy screen.

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