Saturday, June 13, 2009

Backyard - Starting to feel like a yard

Saturday, June 13

In the morning, I couldn't get the DR Trimer started as the clutch cable kept popped out of place. On a break from Tim and I trying to fix it, I decided to cut down another tree.

After being frustrated over issues with that as well, my Dad decided to step in and help take down the 5 other trees I had marked for removing. I love my cordless saw and I've taken down at least 10 tress with it. There's nothing like the power of a gas powered one though.

It was amazing the second the two, in front of the deck, were taken down.... we had an instant backyard. I can't believe how much those two trees obstructed the feeling of having a backyard. It was like an invisible boarder. I was in the back, by the willow, when I looked up and had seen, for the first time, a view of the back of our house unobstructed by trees. It was a really neat feeling. I started automatically picturing us tossing the frisbee or hanging out on a bench by the willow. I can't wait to get landfill and have grass back there!!!

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