Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stained Glass Class - Bathroom project (Solder)

Tuesday, April 7

Tonight was awesome! It was our last stained glass class, which was sad. The part that was great was that I finished my stained glass project I was working on for the upstairs bathroom window.

I was proud of the first line I soldered too as it had gone perfect. There were a couple of areas that didn't go as well that I had to go over a couple of times. All and all, the soldering had gone fairly well for only a second time doing it.

The glass tiles look awesome in it and give it a cool depth. Everyone gave me compliments when I was done... which felt great. I'm really proud of it! When I got home I leaned it against the window so Tim could see it. I can't wait to peel off the stick-on frost paper and install it.
From Graphics & Design

From Graphics & Design

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