Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stained Glass Class - Bathroom project

Tuesday, March 24

Tonight, in stained glass class, I had started on my bathroom window project. Currently what we use for privacy is the frosted window cling stuff. When I had stuck it on there I made it a design and over the last couple of yrs have grown to like the look of it. So I wanted to stay with the same style.... which matches the style of our tile design.

From Graphics & Design

I have some leftover frosted glass tiles, from when we had the bathtub surround tiled, and I decided to incorporate it into the design. To give privacy I found some clear glass, with a rippled effect and some awesome blue glass to match.

I cut all the pieces for it tonight, with the help of my Dad's straight cut tool, he let me borrow today. I love cutting straight cuts... it is soooo much faster than cutting curves.

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