Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stained Glass Classes

Tuesday, January 27

My Dad asked me if I wanted to take a stained glass class that they have at the high school in town. I thought it would be fun and said yes. My Mom also decided to take it as well as my friend Laura.

Today was our first class. Our instructor, Mary Beth had gone over the basics of the tools we will need for the course. She brought in everything for us to look at, including glass cutters, so we could try them out and figure out which one we want to purchase.

At first it's intimidating to score and break the glass. After a few times it's not as scary as I thought and I figured out which type of cutter I liked best. I liked the Toyo Thomas Grip Supercutter kind the best.

I'm very excited about this class. I'd like to make a piece for the bathroom window and even some yard art.

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