Friday, January 16, 2009

Bonsai Project - Planted and pruned

Friday, January 16

I've been reading, reading and more reading about bonsai, pruning and planting. Today I used all the info and planted my first 2 bonsai trees.

I've read that the trick to a healthy bonsai is the soil. It's not regular potting soil, it's "bonsai soil", a granular soil, that is more like gravel than dirt. I had gotten mine from Bonsai Boy on Amazon.

The other thing I've read about is pruning and training wire. To get the shape you desire you have to prune and sometimes even use training wire (aluminum wire) to shape it. The first step I did was to actually wire them to the pot for stability.

Now.... I've never done this before so I'm just futzing and learning as I go along. They may do well, and they may keel over in a week..... who knows.

I planted the Blue Star Juniper in a 6" long pot. I already liked the shape of it, so I just pruned it up a bit.

From Landscaping

The Gold Thread Cypress on the other hand needed some major pruning and wiring to form it to my desired look. After potting it in a 7" long pot, I pruned it up. Then I had taken the aluminum wire, starting at the base, wrapped a branch I wanted to train, and bent in gently into shape. It basically makes the branch into a "twist-tie" and I could shape it however I wanted.

From Landscaping

From Landscaping

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