Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bonsai project

Wednesday, January 7

As I was growing up, my Dad always seemed to have some project he was working on. Apparently that gene has finally shown up in me recently. Now that it's winter and snow is everywhere... I'm going stir crazy for a project. There's 2 that I think will keep me occupied. The first is to reorganize the basement. The second is to try my luck at the art of bonsai growing.

On Tuesday the 5th, I found a great site online at that I ordered a set of 3 pots in which I really loved. On Wednesday I ordered, from Amazon some bonsai soil and tools, and today I order a baby Blue Star Juniper and Gold Thread Cypress from

I'm very excited about getting into the art of bonsai. They said it's a very zen and calming art to take up.

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