Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Driveway - Gravel - Estimate

Wednesday, October 22

One of the projects I wanted done this year was to get a layer of nicer gravel over the driveway. Currently the driveway consists of the base gravel that has up to 2 inch rocks. This makes for a crapy walking surface as well as an awful surface to shovel and snow blow.

Today I was actual home sick, which worked out cause we had Jim come over and do an estimate for gravel. He's from the landscape company who had constructed our driveway and graded our front yard last year. We have a good relationship with them and next year they'll be grading our backyard. He said if all works out, we'll have it done in the beginning of November.

We're getting a gravel that is called "Crusher Run", decomposed limestone or DGA (dense grade aggregate). It's a compacting gravel that is used under paved roads. It compacts to almost a solid cement-like surface because of small gravel mixed with larger gravel.

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