Saturday, May 17, 2008


Saturday, May 17

Continuing the spring clean up job, I pruned some of the junipers today and had gone shopping for mulch. The golden juniper, in the circle area, was looking rather shabby so I pruned off most of the lower branches and gave it more of a bonsai look to it. Then I also bonsai'd the blue star juniper too. I think I'm going bonsai crazy.... someone stop me!!! :)

Another thing I needed to prune is the little Japanese Maple. It's humorous to me... the Redbuds are sparse, because I didn't understand pruning at the time, but the maple is too full, because I pruned it well. It's so dense that I had to prune inside branches to give it some sun and air to the center.

I'm really liking this whole gardener side of me though. I'm having a lot of fun watching things grow, as well as finding new interesting plants to plant. For instance, I was killing time on Thursday 5/15, before hanging with some friends, and stopped by Home Depot to found this very cool funky looking ornamental plant called a Tamarix. It looks evergreen, but it's deciduous and gets intriguing pink flowers on it.

Tomorrow I plan on working on the planting bed off the circle and adding some landscape fabric and brown rubber mulch. I liked the darkness of the soil there, so i decided to go with brown mulch, instead of the red rubber mulch like by the driveway.

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