Sunday, June 04, 2006

Garage - FastTrack Shelving & Husky Upper Cabinets

Sunday, June 4

Today our garage got a little more organized. I installed shelving and cabinets on the tool side of the garage, by the window. The other side will eventually become the garden work area.

The shelving I installed is the Rubbermaid FastTrack system, which is similar to the closet system we installed in our master bedroom. It's satin nickel finish is not only a bit more sheek than the white wire stuff, but sooo much more easier to install.

The FastTrack system works with the track system also and the shelving uprights get hung right off of it.

The next thing I assembled and installed today was one of the 3 Husky wall cabinets we purchased.

I installed a piece of leftover bamboo underneath it to give just a little extra support to it. It was also that I didn't have to play around with leveling it, as well as a support while I screwed it into the studs.

I love how my work area is turning out so far. The garage looks so much more organized and fun to use the area. I mean.... our garage is an extension of our house, so why exclude it from having design :)

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