Monday, June 05, 2006

Garage - 2nd Husky Upper Cabinet, Plants

Monday, June 5

I managed to squeeze in after work assembling and installing the 2nd Husky wall cabinet in the garage.

Tim helped me hoist that baby up to the ceiling. Then once we got it on top of the other cabinet it was easy to screwed it in place.

After the hard work was done for the day, I had gone on to an actual girly thing..... I created several plant arrangements :) I love not traditional planting vases, such as square and using bottles. I bought a couple more bamboo plants and put them in square vases around the house.

We also have a bonus that came with the land. We have several areas on the property with wild lilies growing that I clipped and used around the house in bottle vases. I also used orange colored glass pebbles to tie the decor together throughout the house.

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