Friday, August 20, 2004

Still waiting

Friday, August 20

Still waiting to hear from the seller, if they accepted the bid or not. They were suppose to call Don back yesterday at 6, but I hadn't heard anything last night. I received an email from Don this morning that said he still didn't hear anything. I just called him... he said that the realtor and the seller have been playing phone tag..... and that's why there hasn't been a reply.

I figured after that I'd just sit and wait til I got word from Don. This the point where the differences b/n Tim and I are evident. I'm kinda ladeda I guess.... I'm spazy, but know that things happen and there's not a set course for anything....... what happens, happens. Tim... I guess I'd say he's a little more "need to know", than me. This caused a slight conflict today that I wasn't expecting.

mental note:
When Tim asks me why I haven't ask Don, or others something...... tell him that "I've give him a call".

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