Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Preliminary Plans

Tuesday, August 24

Tim and I met up with Mike at the Lancaser model home today. Mike wanted to meet with us there so that we could see the siding and brickwork on that model cause that will be roughly what we want to do to our Valley Forge. As far as the meeting, we met up with Mike to make a list of the revisions we wanted to the plans.

We got to see preliminary plans today. They had basic measurements on them and a front, back side view as well. Nothing really in too much detail though. We talking to Mike about bumping out the back wall of the kitchen and family room/bed1 walls 2ft. He roughly estimated that as 5,000, which was better than both Tim and I were dreading. We also mentioned adding some extra windows in the bed and bathrooms, putting in a deck door in the kitchen, a linen closet in the hallway, a side loading garage. and baton board vertical maintenance free siding.

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