Saturday, October 09, 2010

Firepit - Set rest of post supports

Saturday, October 9

Today was a fun day. We had helpers today setting the rest of the firepit bench supports. Our friends Kelly and Tom came over to lend us a hand, in exchange for helping with their deck next yr. And we couldn't have asked for a better day. It was absolutely beautiful, blue skies, sunny and on a warm October day.

It was fun working together...lots of laughs, teasing each other, and good memories. And of course we got work done as well :). While Tim, Kelly, and Tom were working with 50 lb bags of concrete, mixing them and filling the holes, I was hand pumping out the water from the holes, placing the supports, and leveling them with gravel. We had a nice little assembly line going. In a few hours time we set the 14 posts (7 supports) that were remaining.

It was really-really cool to see them all in place and form the half circle. And afterwards we got to relax a lil bit on our deck. As I sat there, looking at Tim sitting on the bench, and Kelly comfortably laying on the lower deck, I realized that we finally had a yard to relax in with friends. This was the one thing that's been missing for 5 yrs., that we finally have, and it felt amazing. I'll never forget that moment :)

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