Saturday, October 30, 2010

Firepit - Finished Backrest

Saturday, October 30

Today I finished attaching the boards for the backrest of the firepit bench. It's been..."interesting" bending the Trex composite boards. The have flexibility even in 50 degree weather, which I didn't expect. I expected them to be as hard as rocks and they weren't.

They were actually quite easy to bend using clamps. I've been using Irwin clamps. They are my fav clamps so far. I've been using the SL300 One Handed Bar Clamps/Spreaders to clamp the boards as I bend them and I just bought an XP600 One Handed Bar Clamp/Spreader. That sucker can apply 600 lbs of pressure opposed to the other one's of 300. The end of the board is obviously harder to bend, with less leverage, so I'm using the heavy duty guy on the ends.

Anyways.... I managed to finish the back rest today. I'm loving how it's looking....and I love that the Trex boards can flex like this as I can be creative with my designs cause of it and have a circular bench :)

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