Monday, July 07, 2008

Deck - Design & Planning

Monday, July 7

A couple of months back I sketched out a deck idea.

My inspiration for the design came from a book named Beyond the Lawn by Keith Davitt. I really loved the shapes and the multi-levels of this patio area in the book.

The trick is making it a reality. Here's the thing.... all the books, articles and pamphlets I have read about building a deck did not cover a "Kristin" design. I guess it's the designer in me..... I love shapes!!! I just can't do traditional.

The deck will be very similar to the inspiration image. The main level, the polygon shaped area, will have diagonally laid decking, which will be an extension of our diagonally laid bamboo flooring in our house and make the transition cohesive. The other 3 decks will be square shaped with traditional perpendicularly laid decking.

Here's the problem.... multileveled is complicated enough, but add into that a polygon shape and wanting to have all the decks attached and support each other, is quite a headache to solve. So... this called for my Dad's DIY expertise. I had gone over to see him and we spent 3 hours discussing the structure and framework. We have a good idea on how it should be supported, it's just how to do it is the question.

I decided that tomorrow, on my way home, I'm going to stop by Michael's craft store, pick up some balsa wood and do it the old fashioned way..... build a model.

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