Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Deck - Building a Model

Tuesday, July 8

After work I stopped by Michael's craft store and bought some packs of sticks and balsa wood for building models. I've always loved building models when I was a kid and this was just an excuse to go back to my roots of being a kid.

My favorite was when I built an Apple II E out of pieces of foam trays, that come food products, for my 8th grade science class. The amusing thing is that I just found out that my science teach still has it all these years later.

I had taken the basic dimensions I had so far and built a 1/4" scale model. During the construction, it became so evident what would or wouldn't work and how the supports needed to be built. I figured out everything we couldn't figure out on paper. Now we just have to duplicated it full size :)

I'n the mean time.... Tim's Newt can enjoy this one :)

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