Sunday, January 06, 2008

Deer Munching Discovery

Sunday, January 6

This morning was a fairly warm January day. The snow had melted a bit, so I decided to talk a walk around the yard and check out how the plants were hanging in for their first winter.

Well... I almost started hyperventilating when I discovered that many of the shrubs had been munched by the lovely deer *$^$^&$^&* arrrggg. In that moment I realized I fell into the 1st time home owner stupidity. Oh well.... live and learn.

The funny thing is that all the ones they munched were things that I planted because I had liked them from family or friends yards. The ones that I liked, while in a store or looking on online nurseries, I guess I payed more attention to the tags that said deer resistant too.

I found a list online that had plants that deer loved and stayed away from. I laughed when I read it cause everyone they devoured was, not only on the list, but at the top of the list. They apparently love Enormous, daylilies and yews, which were chomped down to the ground. *shaking head and laughing*

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