Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Deer Out

Tuesday, January 8

So there I was online researching deer repellents and I found were ones that they said stuck to high heaven. Sorry... nope... I don't care how beautiful something is I'm not going to stray something that smell like coyote urine.

I did however find a product called Deer Out (deerout.com). I found good reviews on it and unlike other deer repellents, it has a nice smell... supposedly it had a pleasant peppermint smell. It's all natural and you can even put it on edible plants. It's in all year round spray that lasts for 3 months and won't wash off in rain.

So I ordered it and today I sprayed the shrubs with it and how about this..... it does actually have a pleasant peppermint smell. I even asked Tim to take a whiff.... and this was hours later. He smiled and say "Yeah... it does smell like peppermint in the yard. I have no idea how it will do, but at least it smells nice. In a couple of months, I'll give a report and tell you if it works.

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