Sunday, September 23, 2007

Entrance - landfill

Sunday, September 23

My first project of the spring, actually turned into a fall project. I wanted to start working on laying pavestones for the front entrance in the spring, but seeding the front yard and planting became the priority instead.

Now that we have grass and some nice shrubs, it's time for some of the gravel to go. Before that can happen, the entrance needs to be built up a bit though. I'm taking landfill from where we're going to have our future firepit and using it to build up the front entrance area.

I started with strapping off the gravel, then lined the one edge with left over wallstone and started filling the area with the landfill. When we start laying the pavers, they'll be cut to fit next to the wallstone, which will I think will give a unique edging effect.

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