Sunday, October 17, 2004

looked @ L neighbor (problems)

Sunday, October 17

Well now... this could be a problem. At Jim's request, I checked out the neighbors landscaping to see how close it is. Well... it's not just close... it's encroaching prob about 25-30 feet on the property.

As Mom, Dad and I were driving past, we were looking for the placement of the utility poll, which was the landmark for the edge of the property. To our surprise, the poll is waaaaay before where I thought it was. When eyeing it, it's obvious that the neighbor was mowing at least 25-30 feet (pie shape) of the property.... probably cut down tress, even put up a birdhouse on a poll and planted a baby tree.

Oh... it gets better.... It looked as though they had extended their house at some point and put a bay window on the north side. This could present a problem due to it sticking out only maybe 1-2 feet from property line. I find it kinda amusing that anyone would want to build a bay window on a north side of house anyways, but maybe they wanted that room dark.

Anyways.... according to the survey... the properties are not rectangular and actually are kind of parallelograms and not perpendicular to the road. So basically the neighbor was trying to straighten out their property, either knowingly or ignorantly. Either way, it was evident that no matter how this turns out, it will probably be a touchy issue for yrs to come.... esp after we start building.

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